1.  Moments matter – Think of the most iconic images in history. Many were taken by news photographers. Freezing that fleeting moment in time takes a certain kind of skill, finesse and experience that only a photojournalist truly understands.

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2. Adaptability – Photojournalists have an innate ability to interpret and react to sudden changes in plans. As much as you prepare for your wedding day, some things will be unpredictable. A trained photojournalist will be unflappable and go with the flow.

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3. Compassion – We appreciate and understand how to capture emotion without detracting from the ambiance. It takes tenderness to capture photos that tug at heart strings. These are the pictures that stand out and have impact.

Salty Broad Studios

4. Integrity – Credible photojournalists adhere to a code of ethics and stand by the authenticity of their work. You can feel confident that you are working with a honest, hard-working professional. Additionally, you can count on a photojournalist to have a pleasant manner and to dress appropriately.

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5. Stealthy – To effectively capture moments, photographers must be unobtrusive and attentive. It’s a tricky combination of characteristics but imperative to strike that balance between being ready to capture the moment and to go almost unnoticed so that the subjects can relax and act naturally.

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6. Personality – Most photojournalists are likable and charming. After all, if your profession is listening to people tell their story, it would make sense for the person to have a natural ability to put people at ease and make them laugh.

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7. Reassurance – Your wedding day pictures are in the hands of a trusted professional who has covered a wide range of assignments from tragedies to triumphs. You can ease your wedding day worries knowing that your photographer is accomplished and prepared for anything.

Julia Cumes Photography

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