By Dani Marrero of DanDee Event Planning

Congrats! You’re engaged and starting this very exciting journey of planning your dream day. You may have all the details planned out in your head but you probably also need someone to help you transition your ideas into real life! Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t know where to start? A wedding planner can help you figure out those first steps. If you are well advanced into your planning, you might just need a coordinator to make sure it all comes together. Whatever the scenario may be, it’s you and your love’s special day and you both deserve everything you can imagine and more.

There are so many reasons a wedding planner can be a valuable asset for your day. We can help you make sure your celebration comes to life in the most perfect way possible but here’s a snazzy list to break it down for you.


1. ⏰ Saves you time – The average wedding takes 200 hours of planning.

2. 💰 Saves you money – Negotiating discounts.

3. 👍 Acts as your “go-to”- No back and forth with questions from the vendors.

4. 💃 Allows you to have a worry free day – Have fun with your guests!

5. 😎 Handles any crisis behind the scenes – You don’t need that stress!

6. 🎉 Friends & family enjoy the day as guests, not volunteers!

7. 🎪 Recommends vendors you can trust – Eliminating the guesswork

8. 🤑 Helps keep you on a budget – Stay on track!

9. 🙌 Arrives early and stays late – Reliability you can count on.

10. 💫 Works out logistics – Those little details that aren’t your top priority.

Wedding planners can do all the major things and even help you figure out a workable budget. Planners work their connections to get you set up with reliable vendors. They can negotiate costs, do small and big scale details and are there with you every step of the way with advice, tips and guidance as your wedding vision forms. A planner can also offer a different perspective that stretches your imagination and opens your eyes to new ideas and trends.

Planners have experience in the unexpected. Unforeseen changes, or even catastrophes (gasp!), can arise and a planner will handle it. We’re there to take that big burden off of you and stay calm, cool and collected while addressing the issue. We know what to expect and what to do in the event that something off-track happens.

Day of coordination is just as important as full cycle planning. You don’t want to miss out on spending time with your guests, worrying that all your hard work isn’t coming out the way you planned. Being preoccupied with anxiety and wondering if something wacky is happening, it not where your head should be at on your wedding day! You should be completely immersed in your special occasion, marrying your love and celebrating with your family and friends!