Preparing Your Hair for Your Wedding Day

By Hillary Peavey, Hill the Hair Painter


The #1 thing is to make sure your hair is “clean” of buildup and chemicals. Talk to your stylist about what you can do to make your hair feel as clean as possible! Water and pipe chemicals can cause damage to your hair and well water can leave a greenish hue that will show in photos. I recommend looking into either Malibu treatments or Color Wow Dream Filter spray. Also, look into a shower head filter. You can get a Britta shower head on Amazon or your local hardware store.

While you certainly want your water to be clean, don’t overdo it with the shampoo! You don’t need to wash your hair everyday! Every other day is perfectly fine and this will preserve some of the natural oils in your hair so it will style better. For blondes, consider using a purple shampoo or conditioner to keep out brassy/yellow tones! It will also help keep your blonde bright for the big day! Just don’t over do it. Even once a week or as needed is perfect!


Keep your hair free from frizz and broken ends! Length is great but remember to keep your hair looking its best. You can always get clip in extensions. If you have the extra money in your budget, bond extensions are a GREAT option! Unlike tape or sown in extensions, bonds are small and easy to hide with most wedding styles!


When picking a style for your wedding day, remember you are going to have these memories and pictures for life! Don’t get too caught up in what friends, family & trends are suggesting. You want to feel comfortable and confident! 

Hillary is one of Cape Cod’s most sought after balayage specialists. Check her out on Instagram.

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