By Lisa George

Don’t  be swayed by current make-up trends when it comes to choosing your wedding day look. Going with what you are  comfortable with is key! Many looks you see trending in magazines are not appropriate, particularly in a white dress, on a summer afternoon.

My job as a make-up artist, is to enhance your features and bring you into symmetry for photography.

This does not always translate into heavy make-up. The camera does not erase what it sees! Symmetry is balancing the face. Perhaps one eyelid is larger than the other or a nose needs to have the bridge highlighted in an area that is flat. It might be appropriate to straighten a chin or decrease it’s length.  All of this is done with highlighting and shading that even the eye does not detect as corrected. However, these subtle changes are beautiful in person as well. This is how I achieve the right look for you.

Now, I am not saying every bride should have a gentle make-up application. If your daily make-up is on the wild side then, YES this is your comfort zone. Or you have a signature red lipstick you always wear–stick to it! A great make-up artist will create your desired look with perfection and to be camera ready.