Marie and Aaron met in Washington D.C. while she was interning in the White House Photo Office, and he was on the Domestic Policy Council. They would go on runs together on the National Mall and take lunch breaks together. Soon enough their courtship bloomed into a full on romance. Over the past few years, Aaron’s work in global finance for a malaria eradication program has kept him traveling frequently and since Marie is a photographer she decided to join him. They have traveled to Central America, southeast Asia, east Africa, south Africa and Europe. With so many friends around the world, they couldn’t possibly invite everyone to their intentionally intimate ceremony so they asked all of their loved ones to make paper cranes and mail them in advance of the ceremony. Marine and Aaron planned to hang from their wedding trellis but they received so many (over 1,200) that they were able to also decorate the tent for their reception as well. The texture of the origami birds provided a stunning backdrop against the beach horizon at sunset and it was so meaningful to them to see their friends and family represented during their union. They spent many hours considering different beach locations to have their wedding ceremony but when they found the Mass Audubon Long Pasture property, they knew the peaceful nook was the ideal setting to exchange their heartfelt vows. Aaron drew tears from Marie when he said, “I love your uncontrolled, mirthful spirit. How you make loud noises and do random dances when you’re excited. Sometimes those are the best parts of our day.” and Marie made everyone laugh when she said, “I love that you don’t mind my smelly feet—but truly, you are so accepting of me and open to how I choose to live. I value that deeply.”