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Simply put, brand narrative is storytelling for your business. And since no two stories are the same, each organization’s story needs its own approach with unique visual language. Your story is the backbone of your organization’s marketing and communications strategy. This organic approach to brand identity photography is intended to depict real life interactions that showcase your services and products. The goal is to create an image set that presents a genuine collection of everyday experiences related to your business.

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Creating a marketing strategy requires planning, patience, and time but the results are worth the wait. So, what does this process look like? As is the case in most new relationships, it will likely begin with a conversation focused on creative collaboration. Digging deep and learning about what makes your business tick will allow the formulation of authentic visual narrative that allows your audience to truly understand your brand’s identity. After a series of questions, close listening and note-taking the framework will start to take shape. The next steps will involve story boarding and visits to your location. Together with Salty Broad Studios you’ll build a content set that will change the way people see your business.

Lifestyle Scenes

Christine created this photo set for a residential-lending campaign for the Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod. Christine’s laid-back style and humor help clients tell their unique stories through targeted marketing narratives. Her 15 years as a newspaper photojournalist help her capture the visual moments that best tell your story.

Portraits with Perspective

Environmental portraiture is a style of photography that captures subjects in their own space, whether it’s their workplace or home. With this approach, the surroundings are just as important as the human subjects. These business portraits make a strong statement to your audience, and typically incorporate on-location lighting, wardrobe advice, and location scouting. Showing your personality within your space builds trust and shows confidence. These portraits spark interest and intrigue that will leave visitors wanting to learn more about your story.


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